Foam Sclerotherapy

It is a method used in cases where it is difficult to provide benefit with liquid sclerotherapy in the enlarged reticular veins. The drug in liquid sclerotherapy becomes foam when mixed with air in certain proportions and passed through high pressure. Thus, a smaller amount of the drug has a larger volume of active substance after mixing with air. When the diameter is applied to the enlarged vessels, the air introduced into the vein replaces the blood with blood, blocking the blood flow and disrupting the structure of the inner surface by acting more effectively in the air bubbles, causing the internal surface of the vessel to be affected, and the duration of the interaction is prolonged as the blood flow also stops. These effects of the foam allow the larger vessels to be easily and effectively treated with a small amount of the drug. Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy is a procedure that has become very popular in recent years. Vessels to be treated are determined under ultrasound, the needle is inserted into the vein and the distribution of the drug in the vein is seen with the help of ultrasound and treated effectively. After foam sclerotherapy, the veins treated with pressure varicose veins are pressurized and prevented from filling with blood again. The patient can continue his daily life.

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